3 Efficiency Tips and Pointers When Painting Exterior

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Painting can be quite tedious. It requires lots of time and effort for a job to be done well. However, there are ways you can drastically cut down on your labor hours and still maintain a high quality of work. The key is efficiency.


Efficiency Tip 1: Always paint the highest, most difficult sections first. This is key if you want to get a job done as quickly as possible. At the beginning of each project walk around the entire home or area. From your observations, determine the toughest sections and knock them out first. There are a couple reasons why you want to do this. The biggest being because this is when you or your painters are the most fresh. The last thing anyone wants to do after seven hours of painting in the hot sun is get on a 30 foot latter to paint a soffit. The painter is much more likely to work on budget if they do these areas first when they are fresh and it is cooler out.

Efficiency Tip 2: Don’t take as many breaks. This is obviously dependent on the temperature; however, try to limit breaks to simply getting some water and an extended break for lunch. If you start to get tired, switch to an easier section for a while. You can have someone else take over your position, rotating the harder positions with other painters helps avoid exhaustion. For example, if you are painting high up on a latter, trade off every hour with someone who is painting on the ground. The ground time will be a much appreciated break, and you are still working towards completing the job.

Efficiency Tip 3: Set goals for your exterior house painters. This is a technique I have found effective. If painters know what they have to complete in a specific amount of time, they are more apt to reach that goal. If you don’t tell them how fast to paint, then they won’t know! They will just paint at their own, leisurely pace. This keeps your painters honest and helps a manager judge which painters are doing well and which are struggling. You could even have a reward system for most efficient painter on each job. People like incentives, painters are no different. They want to know that if they push a little harder, it will be worth it.

If you use these efficiency tips the next time you are painting the exterior of your home you are bound to get the job done quicker with less problems throughout the job. Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions about ways to be efficient on the job.

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