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Every summer we get to bring in a new set of college students to go through our paint training. Each summer we try to improve paint training in order to give our painters a solid background of knowledge and experience before they begin working on our customers homes. We understand that painting is not that hard but also want our painters to have a solid base of experience under their belt before we begin in full scale production. A lot of our training surrounds the safety aspect and getting everyone to feel comfortable moving ladders while understanding the importance of prep work towards a painting project.


This past week we got to have five different crews throughout the Central Indiana area out to a paint training in Indianapolis. The house was a two story full repaint owned by the Hazel’s, check out Beta Male, near 46th and Binford. We had our work cut out for us as a lot of the siding was peeling and had been damaged by a previous encounter with a non professional painter power washing the siding too hard several years back.

We took lead tests, which came back negative, and lightly powerwashed the house 5 days before the start to allow for it to dry out. The homeowners were looking for a pretty drastic color change and with the house being in such bad condition the only product that I felt comfortable using was Sherwin Williams best exterior product they offer, Duration.

The first day consisted of a lot of scraping and sanding with about 12 new employees learning the ropes of the prepping process. A lot of paint chips were wrapped up in drop cloths but we were actually able to get a good percentage of the painting done as well. It’s amazing how much you can get done with a team of people working together.


On day two we were able to finish prepping two sides of the back addition and finish all the painting as well with a new group of about 12 painters. The house looks completely different from when we started and has probably added about ten grand in curb appeal alone. I hope the Hazel’s are as happy as we are about the look to their home and hopefully I can get to see them play at Local’s Only soon.




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