How much does it cost to get my house painted in Lakewood, OH?

We get a lot of calls everyday from homeowners in Lakewood looking for a house painter and this is probably the most common question. Lakewood is such a beautiful city and one of the reasons for that is the variety of architecture in all of the old homes. For this reason it is hard to tell you exactly how much painting your home will cost without seeing it but hopefully we can give you a good idea so you can budget accordingly.

Most homes in Lakewood cost between $5,000 and $10,000 to get painted. That is a pretty big range so let's provide some context. The biggest variable that will drive up the cost is the amount of prep work. If you can see a good amount of paint peeling on the outside of your house, you can assume you will be in the mid to upper range. Obviously, larger homes, like duplexes will cost more as will homes with a lot of different trim colors. 

When we provide you with a comprehensive, written quote we can talk about different options based on your budget and expectations. One important component that can affect the cost is the type of primer used. There are options like oil-based primers and high build primers depending upon your conditions. 

As you plan for your exterior painting project, we would be happy to give you a quote and help you understand what is important and what is not. Even if we are not the best fit for you, we want you to be educated on the different variables so you can make an informed decision. Painting your house in Lakewood is a big expense and it is important that you don't have to paint it very often.  


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