How much does it cost to get my house painted in Avon Lake, OH?

We have worked with a lot of homeowners in Avon Lake on many painting projects, both inside and out. The owner of Textbook Painting lives in Avon Lake and we take a lot of pride in being the most reliable among many Avon Lake house painters. When it comes to budgeting for your next painting project we can provide some guidelines here, but of course every project is different and a free painting estimate would be necessary.

The cost to hire a painting company for interior painting is usually a little more predictable. Painting the walls in a bedroom will typically cost around $350 - $450. Adding the trim and ceiling will add around an additional $150. A smaller living room will often be around $600 - $1000 while a large great room may cost more than $1200. Painting kitchen cabinets is very popular right now but it is fairly expensive because of all of the prep work needed and the cost of the highest quality enamel paints. You should budget around $4,000 - $6,000 to paint kitchen cabinets.

Hiring a painter in Avon Lake to paint the outside of the house can vary quite a bit because there are so many different types of homes. In the Westwinds where we do quite a bit of exterior painting, a vinyl sided home that just needs the wood trim painted will often cost around $3,000 - $5,000. A cedar sided home that needs a fresh coat of solid color stain will often cost $3,500 - $6,000.

Washing and staining a deck typically falls in the $700 - $1,500 range depending on the size, type of railings and the prep work involved. 

As you are planning your next house painting project please keep the professional house painters at Textbook Painting in mind. We have multiple interior and exterior crews to handle whatever your next project entails. 

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