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The City of Bay Village is a beautiful suburban city known for its scenic beauty, lakefront parks, and a community that is both quiet but close to the city. Like other pockets of Cleveland, Bay Village has a rich history and classic homes that tell a story. Homeowners in Bay Village often call our team because they want to enhance their home’s curb appeal by engaging local professional painters to rejuvenate exteriors that show signs of wear, such as peeling, cracking, or fading.

Considering hiring local exterior painters? It’s essential to prepare a list of questions for your painting company near you. The decision involves more than just evaluating the price. Explore our comprehensive guide on hiring house painters near you to gain deeper insights.

Bay Village House Painters Near You

Exterior Painting Near YouAt Textbook Painters, our team of professional painters near you collaborates with you from the start to guarantee a painting solution that aligns with your budget and individualized requirements. We pledge to use only the highest quality paints and products, and by customizing our services to our clients, we strive to deliver the results you envision while also emphasizing long-term cost-effectiveness.

Our thorough exterior painting process begins with an intensive cleaning and power wash of your Bay Village home’s exterior. This crucial step aids in eliminating contaminants like dust, debris, insect nests, old paint remnants, and visible wear, presenting a clean, paint-ready surface. We then move into the priming and preparation stage. Priming acts as an important base layer, strengthening the connection between the paint and the surface, guaranteeing your paint sticks better and a durable finish. Depending on the specific material, whether steel or aluminum, our house painters will choose the most suitable priming technique for your project.

Once the surfaces are prepared and primed, we prepare to paint the exterior, assisting you in picking from the most recent 2023 color trends to give your Bay Village homes a rejuvenated appearance. Our local professional painters, armed with the appropriate equipment and supplies, dedicate themselves to every detail of your residence. Delivering top-notch results is our core principle, and our ambition is to craft a work of art that becomes the talk of Bay Village.

How Much Does Exterior Painting Near Me Cost in Bay Village, OH?

Our house painters have been painting the exterior of Bay Village homes since 2006. Of course, the size of your home will affect the price but so will the surface. Wood is often more expensive than painting vinyl or aluminum because paint tends to peel on wood requiring more prep work. We have painted many homes in the Lincoln / Wolf area of Bay Village between Dover Center and Bradley. Typically it will cost between $5,000 and $8,000 to paint a home in this area. The amount of prep work and the amount of colors are factors that can significantly affect that price.

We provide a Four-Year Worry-Free Guarantee on our exterior house painting projects, which gives our customers a great deal of peace of mind. The reality is that even if a painter does everything right (prep work, correct primers, correct paint product, and proper application) the paint can still peel. Why? The paint applied is only as good as the surface it is applied to. This means that the underlying paint can peel bringing the top layer with it. This is part of the reason why we provide a four-year guarantee. We want our customers to know that their home is going to look perfect for the next four years. (and well beyond!)

Complete Color Change With Bay Village Exterior Painting

Recently a group of our professional house painters did an exterior painting project on this home. Located in the picturesque southwest corner of Bay Village, we were proud to have been able to work on this home and make it really stand out in the neighborhood.

We used Sherwin Williams paints in a deep blue/gray for the siding and an off-white for the trim. Black accents on the shutters and garage door along with a pop of bright yellow on the doors really make for clean, crisp lines.

What Factors Influence The Cost Of Exterior Painting in Bay Village?

Exterior Painting ServiceWhile the price range we highlight is quite broad, several factors influence the overall cost of exterior painting near you:

  • Prep Work: The main factor that can impact the overall cost is the extent of preparation required. If noticeable paint peeling is evident on your home’s exterior, anticipate costs leaning towards the mid to upper range.
  • Size of the Home: The overall size of a Bay Village home can influence the cost, as a more expansive residence demands more labor and materials. Understandably, larger properties, such as duplexes, will have higher costs, especially if they feature intricate trim colors. For larger homes, budgeting towards the higher end of the spectrum is recommended.
  • Paint Quality: The choice of primer significantly impacts the cost. Depending on your specific needs, there are options like oil-based primers and high-build primers which all range in terms of cost.
  • Home Design: Homes in Bay Village with intricate designs, multiple color schemes, or challenging components to paint can extend the painting duration, subsequently increasing the cost.
  • Number of Coats: The color choice might necessitate multiple paint layers to achieve a consistent and long-lasting finish, which impacts both the paint quantity needed and the completion time.

Supplementary exterior painting services, including deck staining, fence painting, or shutter work, can also be a factor in the overall price. When we present a detailed, written painting estimate, we can discuss various alternatives based on your financial capacity and home goals.

How Much Does Interior Painting Near Me Cost in Bay Village, OH?

Interior Painting Bay VillageInterior painting prices are a little more consistent. Painting a bedroom typically costs about $350-450 to paint the walls and about another $150-$250 to include the ceilings and trim. Painting a kitchen can be complicated because of all of the trim work necessary around cabinets so that will typically range from $600-$1200 but can cost more in a larger kitchen or when a lot of trim needs to be painted. Painting kitchen cabinets will typically cost between $4,000 and $6,000 because of the many steps necessary to ensure proper adhesion and the desired look.

We are proud of the work our painters have done in “Rocket Country” and we look forward to painting a lot of homes in Bay for the decades to come. We offer such a long warranty because we want to be the first to know if the paint we applied is not lasting so we can fix it.

We would love the opportunity to earn your trust with your next painting project. You can use the calendar on this page to schedule a painting estimate for whenever is most convenient for you.

Interior Painting in Beautiful Bay Village Home

A team of our house painters in Bay Village recently completed a fun project in a beautiful home. The home owners had recently moved in to this home and wanted to add some of their own style to an already gorgeous house.

The main parts of the project took place in the sitting room and the two half bathrooms. In the sitting room, we white-washed the brick around the fireplace, painted the inside of the built-in bookshelves with a fun aqua color and changed the color on the walls.

We also painted the walls in two of the bedrooms. In one of the rooms, we used a really nice pale green color that worked well with the cedar on the walls and the white and pink accents. In the other bedroom, we used a light gray. That room has a red brick wall with white trim, so the neutral gray color helped the brick to stand out.

Professional Painters for Guest Room
Bay Village Guest Room Painting
Fireplace Interior Painting

Contact The Trusted Exterior House Painters Near You at Textbook Painting

As you prepare for your exterior home painting project, we’re pleased to offer a free painting estimate, guiding you through the essentials and the non-essentials. Even if our services don’t align perfectly with your needs, our goal is to equip you with knowledge about the various factors, ensuring you make a well-informed choice. Painting your Bay Village home is a significant investment, and it’s crucial to get it right to minimize the frequency of repaints.

Railing Refinishing Bay VillageAt Textbook Painting, our team of professional painters are also proud to provide services in:

Check Out These Amazing Reviews of our Exterior Painters Near You in Bay Village

We hired Textbook Painting to paint the exterior of our home in Bay Village. We could not be happier with the work they did. Sal and Don’s team worked quickly, did high-quality work, left the property spotless afterward, were extraordinarily punctual, and kept us updated on the project. In short, the project couldn’t have gone better or more smoothly–and I would highly recommend Textbook Painting (and especially Sal and Don) for anyone considering having their home repainted.

John Butler on Google

Textbook Painting did a fantastic job bring our restaurant (Chatty’s Pizzeria, Bay Village) back to life! They took a building that was last painted in 1999 and made it shine. We knew it would be a big job, but the crew (Cody) came in daily and got the job done. They communicated every step, cleaned up like you’d never knew they were there, and worked in a professional manner the whole time. You could tell these guys took pride in their work and who they work for. I’d recommend Textbook to anyone who asks.

Matthew Harlan on Google

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If you live in Bay Village, you are probably looking for a reliable painting contractor that you can trust with improving your home. Whether for cabinet painting, painting the outside of the house or painting the walls and trim inside your house, you want the best. You don’t have time to deal with contractors that don’t show up, communicate poorly and are unreliable. If this sounds like you, you’ll LOVE working with Textbook Painting. Don’t just take our word for it though. Take a minute to listen to some of your neighbors as to why they loved working with us.

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