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Exterior Four Year Warranty

Exterior Four Year Warranty

Ask about our industry leading Four Year Worry-Free Guarantee on exterior painting and house staining for long lasting peace of mind.

Cabinet Painting Lifetime Touch-ups

Cabinet Painting Lifetime Touch-ups

All our cabinet services come with our LIFETIME Annual Touch Up Promise offering that fresh, new look for as long as you own your home.

Interior Painting Lifetime Touch-Ups

Interior Painting Lifetime Touch-Ups

Most of our interior house painting comes with our Lifetime Touch-up Promise  that will give you confidence in a job done well.

Interior Painting

Our Lifetime Annual Touch-up Promise on interior painting means every year we are willing to come and do an hour of touch ups. This is a great way to take care of any nicks and scuffs that naturally happen. (as well as any crayon marks or ‘art’ that your kids may also provide) =D

Cabinet Painting

Similar to our interior program, when you make an investment in having your cabinets painted, you can have peace of mind knowing that we will come out every year to do any necessary touch-ups. One of the most common concerns when painting kitchen cabinets is how long does the paint last on cabinets. Any coating will wear away over time and will be susceptible to nicks and dings. Especially on the most commonly used cabinets. We are the only company in Cleveland to offer this guarantee so you will not only love your cabinets when we finish painting them but for years and years to come.

Exterior Painting (Wood)

Many of the exterior painting and staining we do on wood surfaces are eligible for our industry leading four-year Worry Free Guarantee. This involves an in-person annual inspection from someone from our team to check for any signs of peeling or failure. No matter how well we prep the surface for paint, in the harsh weather in the Cleveland area paint gets tested. Your money is well spent when you trust Textbook Painting because you know that we will keep your home looking great for years to come.

Exterior Painting (Vinyl and Aluminum siding)

On vinyl and aluminum siding, no one can top our 10-year warranty. There is no reason to replace perfectly good vinyl or aluminum siding just because the paint is faded and worn. A professional paint job from Textbook Painting comes with a full ten year warranty.

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