3 Factors that Affect Deck Staining Prices

 In Westlake

One of the most common projects that we work on in the Zionsville area is cleaning and staining decks. A common question that I get when giving estimates is what factors affect deck staining prices. Here are three of the most important factors when we figure up a quote.

1. Size

The size of your deck is going to be the biggest factor in the overall price. The larger the deck the more stain will need to be applied causing the material and labor prices to rise. Typically, staining the deck floor is a relatively easy and inexpensive part of staining the entire deck.

2. Railings, Lattice, etc.

Although surface area is the number one contributing factor it does not take into account difficulty of staining certain objects. Railings are a great example of this because although they might not have a large surface area and take a lot of stain they are very time consuming and the labor costs go up. Lattice is another object commonly seen on decks that can cause an enexpected hike in labor costs. These are normally found either under the deck to keep larger animals from living under the deck or used as a partial sunshade.

3. Age of Existing Stain

This one is not near as obvious as the first two, but the number of years since the deck has been stained last also influences the price. This is slightly different than aging of paint because the longer you let paint go the more prep work is required to paint it again. If the deck was just stained recently a stain and sealer remover applied so that the new stain can affectively penetrate in to the wood.

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