4 Steps to Proper Exterior Prep Work for Painting

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Prepping a house for exterior painting is actually the most important part of the painting process. Correct prep work makes sure that the paint will stick to the surface correctly and make sure that the finished product is as good as it can be.


We start the prep work for a house by coming out 5-7 days early and powerwashing all areas that are to be painted. Powerwashing is a simple process, but it does require the washer to get on a ladder and make sure that all the dirt and grime is removed over all the areas that are to be painted. We will then wait around a week to make sure the wood has had time to adequately dry.


The next step is to scrap the surface, any paint that is peeling from the wood is required to be scraped away. We use a 5 n 1 or a 7 in 1 tool that has a wide metal edge that makes it easy for our painters to scrap the surface correctly.


We will then go and feather sand all the wood that is to be painted. This insures that the surface is smooth so that the paint will be evenly applied to the surface. We always sand by hand to make sure that every inch of the surface is treated with the same care.


The last step is to go and spot prime all areas. Any area that has exposed or bare wood is required to be primed. This step can almost be skipped if the customer desides to use Duration paint because it is self-priming. In this case, 2 coats of Duration paint will be used on problem areas.

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