Deciding Which Stain To Use For Your Deck

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The stain you choose on your deck can completely change the entire appearance of your deck and sometimes that appearance is almost irreversible. So it is very important to know exactly what product you want on your deck and what this product will do for your deck.There are three steps to deciding what product to use on your deck:


There are three different transparencies to choose from: Solid, Semi-transparent, and a Toner. A solid stain will appear almost like a paint on the surface and provides the best protection for your deck. It will last slightly longer than the other two. BE CAREFUL though as once you choose a solid color stain you will not be able to go with a semi-transparent or toner the next time unless you strip the entire deck. Semi-transparent provides the second-best protection and is a popular look amongst homeowners. It gives the deck a tint but still lets the wood texture show through. The last one that provides the least amount of protection but gives the deck the most natural look is the toner. A toner will make the wood look brand new, it has a hint of color that makes the wood look fresh and still offers protection.

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