Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition Recieves A Makeover

 In Exterior Painting

The Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition is an organization committed to assisting the homeless population and educating the public in hopes of a solution to homelessness. Since the organization’s main focus is serving, advocating, and educating the public about homelessness, there is not much time or money set aside for renovations to the building.

“Our building stands out in this newly developed community because of the shape it appears to be in and the population of people we serve. This often draws negative attention and unwarranted judgment from the community.”Leslie Moorhead, Director of Development at GCCH



With a lift donation from Schulhoff Equipment Rental, we were more than happy to give the Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition a makeover by doing some exterior painting of this three level outdated brick building. The first level of the building, which is used as dorms that college students can stay in, was hand brushed and painted by us earlier in May. The second and third floors were sprayed with Loxon Primer and SuperPaint Exterior Acrylic Latex and then the blue accents were hand brushed on. As a part of the renovations, the Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition hopes to turn the second floor into offices and put windows in the third floor.

The community where the Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition is located is rapidly developing, but homelessness is still prominent. As many as 250 people refer to the organization as their permanent address of residency. As the building was being painted, we received a very positive response from the community. They were excited to see a change in the appearance of the building and felt like the exterior painting gave it a whole new look. A special thank you goes out to Joey Woerner, Kyle Shaw, and Sam Elliott who made this project possible. We are glad to have had the opportunity to help out such a great and dedicated organization.


If you are interested in learning more about the Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition click here to visit their website. 

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