How To Deal With a Chalky Surface on the Exterior of your Home

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One of the most important aspects of a paint job is the prep work. One of the hardest surfaces to prep is a aluminum or vinyl siding that is chalky. Chalky surfaces will cause the paint not to adhere correctly to the surface and will cause premature peeling. There are several steps in dealing with a chalky surface to ensure a long lasting paint job.


The first step is the surface must be power washed. This is very important because this is what actually removes the chalk before the primer is put on. It is also important to use a cleaner when powerwashing so that it will actually help remove the chalk along with the pressure. A good cleaner that I have found is TSP-PF, sold at your local Sherwin Williams, because it does not leave a residue and does a good job removing the chalk. We typically hand scrub the siding with a soft-bristle brush and the TSP-PF and then power wash it off.


The second step is always to scrape away any peeling paint in order to make sure the surface is sound. The new paint will only last as long as the surface it is applied to so you want to remove any failing paint.


Often times it is not necessary to separately prime the siding before painting depending upon the quality of the paint you are using. Many higher end paints come with built-in primers, which can save a lot of time and money. If a primer is necessary, a basic latex primer often is sufficient. To save time, you can add an additive to the paint to increase adhesion.


Depending upon how much chalky residue is left it may be necessary to add a product called Emulsa-Bond (E-Bond) to the paint to ensure adhesion. E-Bond is made by the Flood company.

If you have any questions or concerns about your chalky surface feel free to call your local exterior house painters to come out and take a closer look. We offer a full ten-year warranty on aluminum and vinyl siding painting project.


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