Interior Design Trends: 2018 Edition

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Are you considering taking on a home renovation in 2018? This may seem like a daunting, and not to mention expensive, task. But before you start looking for new kitchen cabinets and a contractor to knock down a wall, you may want to consider some smaller projects to update and enhance your home!

In this blog post, we will take a look at the top interior design trends for 2018 and discuss how you can incorporate some of these schemes into your house, through interior paint colors and other more minor changes.

What better place to start your home redesign than the heart of your house, the kitchen? Top designers are predicting a movement from whites to more colorful kitchen designs. Incorporating richer color into your kitchen can be done by painting the walls or cabinets with richer shades to create a more sophisticated look. Check out this project our local house painters in Lakewood did on these kitchen cabinets. It made such a difference!

Source: HGTV

Adding bold, more saturated colors to other areas of the home is another way to keep things looking fresh for 2018. Deep and bold blues are a great place to start and can work in incorporating a third trend of the new year- botanical palettes.

If a rich wall color seems like too big of a step, begin with an understated sky blue or pale green on the walls and add throw pillows, art and rugs with colors that pack some punch. It is important to remember that this is where you live when choosing a design, incorporate the latest trends in a way that works for you!

Paint and pillows are not the only way to add color and stay on trend for your home renovations. Natural materials will have a large place in the design trends this year. Consider adding a marble photo frame, sodalite bath accessories, or agate coasters to any room of your home. These materials will add some interest, while keeping the sophisticated theme consistent throughout your home.

For more information on how to update your home, call on the experts. The team at Textbook Painting can provide a free in-home consultation and estimate, and assist you in choosing the best colors for all of your home painting projects. Learn more about our Interior Painting or give us a call, at 216-503-4480, to schedule your appointment.

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