Lakewood House Painted on Edwards Ave

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Awhile ago our team of local house painters in Lakewood painted this beautiful home on Edwards Ave. They had to do a thorough job scraping and prepping the house before we could prime and paint. We used Sherwin Williams ‘Rejuvenate’ paint and Sherwin Williams ‘Prime Rx’ primer because of its high-build properties that help to level uneven surfaces after scraping.


Before we arrived, there were a lot of vines growing up the side of the house causing a lot of damage to the paint and the house. Not only are vines invasive, but they also trap a lot of moisture, which decays wood and causes paint to fail. Removing the old metal awnings on the upper front windows also did a lot to help clean up the front of the home.

lakewood_side-beforeWe continue to take care of the outside of this home as it is covered by our Four Year Worry-Free guarantee. With older homes like those in Lakewood, the underlying layers of paint will fail no matter how much prep work is done. This is why we offer such a long term warranty. We want to paint this home in ten years from now when it needs it again. Until then, we want to make sure the paint job looks great so all of the neighbors on Edwards Ave look to us when they need something painted.

Looking for a dramatic change to your home and want it covered by our Four Year Worry-Free guarantee? Curious about our exterior painting prices? Give us a call or click the link below!

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