Priming Before Painting Aluminum Siding In Cleveland

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When someone is considering painting aluminum siding in Cleveland, a common concern is regarding the importance of using a primer before painting. Most of the exterior paints we recommend have a built in primer that allow for adhesion to aluminum siding so a specific primer is not necessary. We also apply two coats of paint to ensure proper coverage and adhesion.


Because we only use the highest quality paints available, we stand behind every aluminum siding painting project in Cleveland with a 10 year warranty against peeling or failure.


The reason we can be so confident is because we follow a thorough washing procedure to remove any chalky residue from the aluminum before painting. You can read more about that process in this blog post about Washing Chalk Off Aluminum Siding.

In some rare cases we will use a special paint additive (primer) to help with adhesion. The product is called Emulsa Bond (or E-Bond) and is manufactured by Flood. Again, most often this is not needed after our we thoroughly hand scrub and power wash the siding.

Is your siding looking faded or dingy? We would love to talk more about our process and 10 year warranty at a Free Estimate.

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