Proper Prep Work is Essential When Staining or Painting Any Fence

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Fences often don’t get the love they deserve. They stand tall protecting your children and pets. They shield you from seeing your neighbor in his underwear when he lets Fido out in the morning. Give back to your fences this year and protect them for years to come by appyling a fresh coat stain or paint, if need be. Not only will it look better, but it will prevent moisture from rotting the boards. But it’s important to note the difference between painting and staining a fence because they are two very different processes.

Painting covers up the grain of the wood and acts as a coating which we only recommend doing if the surface is metal, aluminum, or has been painted before, while staining penetrates into the fence and you can still see the grain of the wood, which we recommend for all wood fences. The same kinds of brushes can be used irrespective of whether you paint or stain the fence. It is important to decide what desired effect you’re looking for.

Staining a Fence A painter in Chesterfield, MO staining a fence.

It’s usual to choose to stain a fence to not only protect from the weather, but to enhance the look of the wood. You can even make the fence look like a different type of wood. For example, you can make a regular softwood look like mahogany. When you stain a fence, the stain gets absorbed into the wood. Don’t attempt to stain a metal fence; it won’t work as stain needs to be absorbed and metal won’t absorb it, resulting in the stain sitting on the surface or running down the fence, the same as if you spray water onto it. You can choose a solid or semi-transparent coating depending on the look you are going for on your fence.

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