Selecting This Paint Color Will Increase Your Home’s Value by $5,400

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If you have ever planned an interior painting project, you have probably been stuck selecting which color to paint with.  Zillow, a real estate website, recently did some research on homes and colors in relation to sale prices, and explained it all in their 2017 Paint Color Analysis. It revealed “blue” as a magic color in your bathroom, claiming some homeowner’s saw up to $5,400 more than expected when selling their homes. Not just any shade of blue will do though; more specifically “hues of powder blue or light periwinkle”. And if you have a darker blue in your dining room, you could see about $1,926 more than expected. When deciding on what color to paint your kitchen cabinets or walls, light blue, or blue bedrooms, also got about $1,809 more. There’s certainly nothing there to be “blue” over.



The analysis also went on with more good news for some homeowners. If you happen to have your house’s exterior in “greige”,  or a mix of gray and beige, you could get up to $3,496 more than “similar homes painted in a medium brown with tan stucco”. Do you have a front door with a splash of color on it, like dark navy blue or slate gray? You could see about $1,514 more.

The biggest surprise overall is the color white. Though it’s a neutral color and leaves a space open for creativity, according to their report, having a white bathroom could have you seeing a negative $4,035 below average for similar homes. The overall message of this analysis is that “walls painted in cool neutrals like blue or gray have broad appeal and may be signals that the home is well cared for or has other desirable features”.

Hopefully this will give you some interior painting color ideas as well as some for the outside of your house. Having your house painted the right colors before selling can make a huge difference. If you feel like you need some help in preparing for your interior painting or exterior painting project, clink the link below or give us a call. We can even provide a complimentary color consultation to help with selecting paint colors.


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