Top 5 Things to Look for When Getting Exterior Painting Estimates

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Summer is here and homeowners are looking for painting quotes to spruce up the exterior of their home. Finding a quality painting contractor is not difficult but there are a few things to look for when getting estimates. A reliable painter should provide the customer with 5 important assurances:

1. Does the painter have a record?

Home owners should see if the painter has done other projects or have been to an extensive paint training before they work on their home. If this is a painter’s first job there is a possibility that they may provide sloppy or inadequate work. Potential customers should ask to see past customer referrals and photos to see the quality of the painters past work.

2. Does the painter have insurance?

Liability insurance is important for customers to look for because an accident is always a possibility. If an accident occurs and the painter is not insured it is possible that the homeowner may be liable for all the costs of the accident.

3. What does the painter offer the customer besides just painting?

It is extremely important that the painter provide washing and prep work before they paint your property. If the painter does not offer you this then they most likely just interested in making a quick profit and does not care about giving you a long lasting paint job. Also, what type of customer service experience are they providing? Do they communicate with you throughout the job and show up when they say they will. This can be just as important as the paint job itself sometimes.


4. Is the paint company going to be in your area for more than the existing year?

Reliable painting companies will return year after year to an area to provide the community with quality services. If a paint company never plans on returning to your town then they do not care much about how long their work lasts or the quality of their work. Always make sure the company has a strong backing and isn’t solely reliable on one person.

5. Does your painter offer you a written contracted price with a guarantee?

This is important in a painter because when a painter offers you a written contract you know exactly what you are getting done and for what price you are getting your work done. If a painter does not give you a written contract what is stopping them from not doing something they “said” was included in the contract or changing their price? Also your painter should offer you at least a 1 year guarantee this will assure that they did their job correctly. If their paint job lasts through an entire year without a problem then the painter did their job correctly.

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