What Type of Exterior Painting Quote Should I get?

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When getting an exterior painting quote their are several different ways to possibly break down a price for a homeowner. One question that I have found very common when I am giving a homeowner an estimate is: “Do you think we should just paint the right side of the house since it is the only side peeling, or should we just do the whole thing?” My answer can normally be broken down into two parts.

How long do you plan on living here?

Some homeowners are trying to sell their houses and just want a quick touchup job to make their house look better but are not interested in paying for a full paint job. If the homeowner does not see themselves living in this house for more than two years then it might be in their best interest to only paint the troubled sections.

What is your budget?

Some homeowners have told me that they would like to paint the whole house but it might not fit in the budget this year. They have asked me if it is better to only paint the troubled areas this year or just wait and paint the whole thing at once. This depends on how bad these troubled areas are. The more the paint is peeling the more prep work will be needed and the more labor it will take therefore it will be more expensive. Also if peeling paint is neglected too long the wood could start to rot. So it is hard to give an answer to this question without seeing the house first.

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