2019 Interior Design Trends

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Switching up the decor in a room can bring new life to your home. We’ve gathered up some of the most popular interior design trends for 2019 for you to try out!

Colored Kitchen Cabinetry. The design trends of kitchen cabinets has shifted in the past few years from dark cherry and exposed wood to bold colored storage. If you keep the palette of the kitchen neutral with whites, grays and browns, this allows the cabinets to become the star of the show.

Ceiling, walls and trim the same color. A single accent wall and white ceilings are a thing of the past! Choosing just one bold color paint an entire room is a big trend of 2019. Specifically, a lot of deep, cool tones are used to accomplish this trend creating a somewhat moody and mysterious atmosphere. By utilizing natural light, the space will still feel open. Believe it or not, painting the ceiling the same color as the walls will make low ceilings feel higher and high ceilings feel lower. This trend brings a sense of cohesion to a large space and makes a big statement by showcasing the furniture and artwork in the room.

Black and white décor. It doesn’t get more timeless than the forever trendy black and white décor. The best thing about the colors black and white is that they go with everything. So as other interior design trends shift, you can always adapt your room by adding a few accent pieces or one big statement piece that is popular at the time. Keeping the colors in your décor to a minimum creates a very sleek and modern look. My favorite way accent to accent a black and white room is to bring in some big plants to add some life into the room. The greenery looks elegant and simple which brightens up the space.

Copper elements. In 2018, Rose Gold stole the show as an accent metal but in 2019 it’s copper’s time to shine. I’ve seen copper used a lot specifically kitchens for a contemporary design. To make a big impact with copper, you could replace your oven hood or sink basin as a statement design. If you don’t want to fully commit to bringing copper into your décor in a semi-permanent way, you can incorporate it through accessories. Displaying copper kitchenware is a much cheaper way to incorporate this trend into your design.

Geometric patterns. There are many ways to achieve this trend from structured living room furniture, to patterned wallpaper in your bedroom, to bathroom tiling. The options are endless to bring geometric design into your home. Adding pops of color with the graphic elements is a very cool way to modernize your space. I think using intricate tiling to create a pattern is a really cool way to embrace geometry in your interior.

Decorating with jewel tones. Deep shade of blue, green, magenta and purple are very popular this year. Mixing these hues in different aspects of the interior décor creates a beautiful color story in the room. Aside from wall paint, I’ve seen these rich colors incorporated through furniture, wall décor and statement lighting. This a trend you can really take and run with to create a vibrant statement room or can keep subtle by just sticking to one or two pops of color.

Gemstones, Geodes, Crystals and agate. Somewhat keeping with the jewel tone trend, we’re seeing these beautiful rocks all over 2019 home décor. To me, it seems like these stones are replacing succulents from 2018 as a unique way to bring nature into the interior. The simplest ways to bring this trend into your home is to add a few of these gems as table coasters or accents on shelving. To take it to the next level though, you can find some really intricate agate paintings or large geode slices used in furniture. Light wood finishes. Specifically, blonde wood, whitewashed and grey finishes are rising in popularity. Light wood looks very organic and clean in décor and when used for flooring, it will make the room feel larger. In the past, lighter washed woods were viewed as dated or cheap, but with new design eyes it can be both class or edgy. Light wood paired with neutral walls and white décor gives off a beachy vibe which makes the space very bright and open.

Are you inspired to try one of these interior design trends out? Let us know if we can help and be sure to tag us in your photos!

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