Deciding When To Get an Estimate to Paint Your House

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A common question that most homeowners ask me when I’m giving them a free estimate in Zionsville, Lebanon, or surrounding areas is “Does my house really need painted right now or can I wait?”. I have come up with several different factors that most homeowners do not think about.


Peeling Paint Leads to Rotting Wood

Although a paint job might seem like just cosmetic work to make a house look nice it is much more than that. The biggest problem that I see when people decide to wait to repaint their house is that water gets in behind the paint and not only continues to peel the paint but also begins to rot the wood. We can use wood putty to fix some rotting wood but some boards have to be replaced entirely.

Peeling Paint Bumps Up Price of an Estimate

Most people try to hold off on painting a house as long as they can but something that they do not realize is that every year they wait the more prep work is needed before the painting even begins. We always scrape off any peeling paint and sand down the edges before we repaint over the top. The longer a homeowner waits to get their house repainted the more the paint will peel and the more prep work will need to be done in order to ensure a good quality paint job.

With all this in mind, sometimes it is perfectly fine to wait another year before getting your house painted. The trouble is sometimes the paint doesn’t always peel in areas where it is easily seen and sometimes a thorough inspection will locate areas of peeling paint. We do many estimates for homeowners who do not believe they need their house painted but would like an estimate just in case.


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