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As a homeowner you hear that word “Lead” and your mind starts going in a million different directions. Although lead isn’t a good thing, Textbook Painting managers are trained on how to properly test for lead, and safely remove it, if it is present.

What is Lead?
Lead is a chemical compound that was added to paints from about the 1920’s thru 1978. After a lot of testing, it was determined that lead was dangerous to people and was prohibited in residential applications beginning in 1978 and in commercial application beginning in the mid 1980’s.

What is Lead Certification?
Being Lead Certified means that your local manager has been trained on how properly test, and remove lead without putting you, your family, or your pets at risk. As of April 22, 2011 any persons wishing to do any kind of work with lead has to be trained and certified.

How are our mangers trained and certified?
In order to be certified to deal with lead, our managers must take a class that deals with lead safety, the dangers of lead, the proper way of testing lead, and the proper way of removing Lead. Along with the classroom part of it, our mangers go through a hands on training that allows them to practice testing for lead and creating a safe work environment. The final step is to pass a written test in order to be officially certified.

Why is being Lead Certified important?
Lead Safety is no joke. Long exposure to lead has been proven to cause health issues especially in infants and the elderly. In order to do any type of work on any surface involving lead, you must be certified and know how to properly do it.
To learn more information about Lead Safety, please visit www.epa.com/lead

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