Keys to Effectively Prep A House For Painting

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Prep work is the most tedious part about the house painting process. Scraping the peeling paint away so that the new paint can bond to the wood is the most important process of the prep work. Here are a few tips and products to help you effectively scrape a surface in preperation to be painted.


There are many different tools that can effectively scrape away paint. The tool that my crew out of Zionsville normally uses to scrape away paint is called a 5-in-1 tool. It contains a scraper on the end and is a much more price effective way to scrape because it also has other uses where a standard paint scraper only has one.


Although it seems very simple, the process of scraping paint away in order to prep for a new paint job is one that is very important. Any paint that can be scraped off must be, even if it doesnt appear to be peeling. Most people just scrape away the peeling paint but dont realize even if the paint isn’t peeling it still might have pulled away from the wood and is in the process of peeling. If that paint isn’t scraped away and removed it will cause the new coat to prematurely peel away.

Although this seems like a simple process that everyone can do it is often not done properly as people want to take shortcuts and it severely damages the quality of the new paint job.


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