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For Interior Paint Jobs

Textbook means the job is done the correct way, by the book. We have specific teams of interior painters dedicated to providing exceptional quality and customer service. Our interior crews are very different from our exterior painting crews because the work is so different. It requires different tools and techniques, as well as knowledge of different types of products.

We have extremely high standards for all of the work we do, but our standards for interior work are even higher because of how important the inside of your home is. We take every precaution to ensure the best quality work, with as little disruption to your routine as possible. Whether it is a pattern design or simply an upgraded color palette, we would be happy to help you love the way the inside of your home looks.

If you are looking to paint one room, the entire house or even the kitchen cabinets, we would be happy to provide a free, no obligation quote.

If you’re looking for a great experience and great quality work, you are looking to get your painting project done “The Textbook Way.” Don’t put it off any longer, request a free quote today!

Don’t Know Where To Start?

Interior Painting Job

No matter if you’re looking to do a DIY project, or thinking about hiring a professional, we want to help you every step of the way. Below, we’ve outlined the basic steps to any interior project.

Wallpaper Removal
Interior Paint Colors
Best Interior Paints
Cabinet Painting
Interior Prep Work
Paint Costing

Interior Color Ideas

Make your project go from drab to fab!

The most enjoyable part of any painting project is the color selection! You can really make your personality shine with the right one. Or if you’re looking for something more subdue, there’s still plenty of options. The amount of colors they have for paint now can actually be a little overwhelming, so having a general idea is needed to help give you some direction.

Did you know that with most interior painting projects we provide you with a FREE color consultation with our Interior Decorator??!?

For some great color ideas, look no further than here!

Paint Color Trends For 2020

2019 Interior Design Trends

Interior Painting Color Ideas: Color of the Year 2018.

What Color Should You Paint With When Selling Your Home

Interior Cost

Different prices everywhere! Why?

When looking for an interior painter, you’ll notice there’s a range of different prices. A good portion of them should be very similar though. But still, why are they different? Well, there’s a lot of reasons that could factor into this – such as the types of products they’re using, number of people they have on the job, or the amount of prep work required. It’s important to know when it’s ok to compromise on an area, and when it’s not.

Check out our pricing page for an idea of how much it costs to hire a top-quality painter.

For a more in depth look at why prices can be so different, take a peak at our blog Inexpensive House Painters in Cleveland – Why Are Prices So Different?

Cabinet Painting

Simple fix for a brand new feeling!

A full kitchen remodel can cost more than $50,000 but you can get the look of a new kitchen at a fraction of the price. We specialize in painting kitchen cabinets and we can even change the hinges, add trim to the cabinets and change the hardware. We even have partner companies that can help with new floors, countertops and backsplash.

Kitchen cabinet painting is not an easy DIY project, which is why we’ve invested a lot in training and certifications as well as specialized equipment to earn the title as the best kitchen cabinet painting company in Cleveland. We even stand behind our work with a Lifetime Touch-up Promise.

Not sure what paint color to use in your kitchen? Check out this article feature kitchen cabinets that we have refinished all around the Cleveland area: What color should I paint my kitchen cabinets?

If you want to learn more about how to paint kitchen cabinets yourself, we’ve got you covered! – 5 Basic Steps to Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets.

Best Interior Paints

Know your project. Know your paint.

There are lots of paints out there – do you know which one is right for your project? There are paints that are good for areas with high moisture or grease. There are paints that are good for stain blocking. There are even paints that are thicker and good for coverage. Knowing what your project is can help you determine what kind of paint is best.
For a more detailed look at some Sherwin William’s paints, check this post out Best Interior Paints for Your Home.

Wallpaper Removal

Do you even need to remove it?

Ahhh.. wallpaper! Did you know that wallpaper is actually making a little comeback in current design trends? If you have older wallpaper in your home, you most likely wish you could wave your magic paint brush and make it disappear back in to the 80’s and 90’s where it came from! The problem is that there is no magic paint brush to wave to remove wallpaper. It can be extremely time consuming and frustrating. If the wallpaper is curling up at the seams and corners, it will probably come away from the glue fairly easily. Then you’ll need to really scrape and clean the remaining glue residue off. Afterward, you may need to do some drywall repair or sanding to make sure you have a smooth wall texture.

After removing wallpaper, there is a vital step to ensure a great result that is often overlooked. You need to prime the walls with an oil-based primer to seal out any remaining glue residue, otherwise it will react with a latex paint causing all sorts of problems.

It is also possible to paint over wallpaper and avoid removing it all together. This really is only an option if the current wallpaper is in great shape (which would indicate it will be difficult to get off). In this case, you would need to use drywall mud to smooth out the seams. You would again need to prime with an oil-based primer before painting. The majority of the time, you should remove wallpaper for the best, longest-lasting results but every project is different.

Interior Prep Work

The most important part of any project!

For any painting project, the detail is in the prep work. If you’re doing a DIY project, and are looking for that professional finish, this is a key part! While covering any holes may seem like an obvious answer, you may be forgetting something small like caulking. It’s important to know, and plan out, every part of the prep work that you’ll need to complete before painting.
If you’re looking for a basic outline of prep work you should complete before painting, check out this piece we wrote – Interior Painting Prep Work.

What to Ask Before Hiring a Professional

Be prepared. Have your questions ready!

Your home is your safe space. The space where you can feel most comfortable and be yourself. Hiring someone to paint it can be a big deal. You should be able to trust the people you hire, and feel confident in their ability to produce an excellent end product that exceeds your expectations. Having a list of questions to ask before you hire a company can take a lot of that stress away.

You can read our blog about the Top 10 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Professional Painting Company here. Don’t forget about the FREE PDF download of the questions as well!

What Our Clients Say

We care what our customers think!

While every review might not be the best review, we care what our customers think. We strive to make this experience the best that it can be, and their feedback helps make that possible. Their feedback is what helps make us a better company for us, which makes us a better company for you!

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