Hiring House Painters in Cleveland, OH – The Ultimate Guide 

While painting your home can seem daunting, you and your home can benefit from a fulfilling and long-lasting experience by hiring professional house painters.

Specific colors may raise the value of your home, according to the leading online real estate marketing company Zillow. A Harris Poll study found that 42% of Americans associate yellow with happiness, 45% connect blue with calmness, and 33% associate green with energy. But this does not mean your home should be these colors.

A whopping 52% of millennials prefer to have a professional select the color for their space. So, set the bar high if you want that dream home. Here is a detailed and practical guide on hiring professional house painters for your home in Cleveland.

Things to Remember When Painting Your Home in Cleveland

Cleveland house paintersPainting is an art

You might feel tempted to DIY, but we don’t advise that. Unless you’ve had any training or practice, there’s more to painting a house. It’s essential to have experience with the surfaces and their features, raw materials, and safety protocols. These are criteria that professional housepainters and painting companies understand.

Have a creative vision

Know your real vision for your home before you start looking for painting companies in Cleveland, OH to hire for your interior painting and exterior painting.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • What modifications would you like to see made?
  • What feeling do you hope to experience?
  • What color scheme do you prefer?
  • Do you want your cabinet refinishing (cabinet painting) with walls to match?

Decide after giving it some thought so you can avoid regretting it later.

Plan your budget

When choosing your house painters in Cleveland, you should consider a few things. Commercial house painters offer professionalism and a quality guarantee that a single-person operation cannot. You can have more confidence that the result will be professional.

Set up your area

Ensure you are aware of any safety procedures in your building or residential society due to the current health risk environment. Give the interior and exterior painters relevant details so they can follow the guidelines.

You should remove all the furniture, empty the cabinets for cabinet refinishing, and keep the space clean. Not to mention, it’s imperative to wear a mask when the house painters arrive.

Do a patch test

Request your professional painting company in Cleveland, OH for a patch test before the paint job starts. Your house painters will apply your chosen to a small square patch of the wall you want to redecorate. This easy activity will prevent you from being forced to deal with experiencing the consequences you may not like afterward.

Things to Consider When Searching For a House Painter Near Me in Cleveland

DIY projects may seem like a way to save money and enjoy your work. However, your home is more valuable that your hobby pursuits. When hiring a professional house painter “near me” in the Cleveland area look for local companies on the map with the most reviews on Google to get these great benefits.

Saving time

Even though DIY could save you money, you might need a few weeks to paint the entire house. It takes a few hours a day to accomplish that. It depends on your home size and can take time for inexperienced painters.


Painters are frequently required to stand on tall ladders. They often need to clamber on roofs, stretch out from windows, and do other daredevil actions to get the job done. Professional painters are skilled since they perform this task day after day.


Professional interior and exterior painters know the importance of specific sections, such as the small gaps beneath side paneling or over doors. Your property is more prone to harm from mold, pests, and more if those crucial parts don’t get painted. A professional painting company will effectively protect your home while enhancing its appearance.


A professional painting company will likely have at least three to four house painters working on your home. Though occasionally, you may need 1 or 2 house painters for the finishing touches, usually, though, expect a team. Instead of the project taking a whole month, you’ll celebrate your freshly painted home in only a few short weeks.

Professional painting companies in Cleveland, OH, will complete everything more quickly and competently.

How to Prepare for Professional House Painting in Cleveland, OH?

cabinet painting clevelandWe advise doing the following preparatory tasks yourself if you want to save some money because you will get more “return on investment.”

Put away the furniture

Start by putting the furniture away, even though your interior painters will likely cover it with plastic sheets. Move everything to the room’s center if you don’t have the necessary space. That includes anything you have hanging on the wall, including paintings, quotes, clocks, and mirrors.

Removing switch plates and outlet covers

Even while most switch plates or outlet covers getting painted are not a concern, it is still simpler to remove them. These items are typically plastic; getting dried paint off them isn’t always easy.

Set aside a “storage area”

Although the painters will bring all their professional supplies, you might want to make space for them to store it all.

Clean the walls

Paint usually highlights any structural variations in a wall. Cleaning the walls doesn’t require any special equipment. Combine water and a mild detergent, and use a sponge to cleanse the wall. Before painting day, ensure the walls have plenty of time to dry.

Budget Estimation and Pricing

There are broadly two types of costs for painters: direct and indirect.

Indirect expenses

Indirect expenses may include equipment payments, truck payments, overhead, and employee perks. These costs of the painting company have no direct connection to your painting project. Until they receive the quote, customers keep forgetting about these charges. The indirect costs are usually to blame when the final bill is more than you may have anticipated.

Direct expenses

Most painting companies only charge for paint, labor, and gas, especially if you live outside their primary service area. These are expenses that people commonly consider when creating their budgeting. The prices can vary based on where you live and what paint you choose. For instance, residents of areas with higher living costs can anticipate paying increased labor prices. Aside from just categorizing expenditures as direct or indirect, let’s explore what you can hope to see on the estimate.

Forecasts for the estimate

It includes labor, schedule, supplies, paint, and travel if they are getting charged. It’s possible to group a few of these items collectively. Ask the painting company to break down the data so you may better understand where your funds are going. Ensure the final estimate is unambiguous.

You want it to be crystal clear about what you’re getting for your money and how long it should take. Do not wait until the project is nearly complete to discover that the estimate was incomplete or unclear. Setting the estimate up front is better than changing your agreement after the fact.

Cleveland Painting CompanyA beautiful home must include a bright interior. The ideas for painting the interior of your home provided below from outstanding and seasoned Cleveland, OH house painters can help create a stunning interior.

House entryway painting

The tone of your residence gets established at the front entry. You can boost the vibe of your home overall by using elegant decor accents. A lovely front door to your house is the way to go. Exterior painting with a light color creates a pleasant environment.

Living Room interior painting

Ask your house painters to use an interior painting color for your home that offers a positive influence when you enter the living room. You can use colors that accentuate the room’s size while enhancing its ambiance and charm. As suggested previously, living rooms always stay true to their term of “Living Room.”

Kitchen interior painting

Green gives the conventional Black & White kitchen an extra performance and elevates its appearance. White, gray, blue, red, yellow, and green stand out when it comes to kitchens. Each of these house interior painting colors has the unique ability to transform a room into one that is warm and inviting.

Dining Room interior painting

Find a color that creates a mood for space when choosing an interior painting shade for the dining room. It won’t do to use any old interior house painting color. Your painting company should help you choose a color that creates a comfortable environment and fits the room’s vibe.

Master bedroom interior painting

There are fascinating options that professional painting companies will guide you toward for an updated, remodeled room. You can choose calming and uplifting interior painting colors like gentle blues, greens, and mauve. Your bedroom would appear large and airier if you used such colors.

Kid’s bedroom interior painting 

Bright colors reflect the liveliness of a child’s room loudly. Such hues would give your children’s room a cheeky and charming appearance. A few hand-painted murals featuring a woodland setting, their favorite comic character, or a star-spangled ceiling may make a difference.

Study Room interior painting

Your study room would feel welcoming with interior painting in warm pinks and yellows. White and creamy colors are undoubtedly appealing to the eye too.

Staircase interior painting

Your interior painter will tell you that the staircase would benefit from some color, and he is right. Your stairwell can get updated without spending loads of money with the fresh painting color you want.

Bathroom interior painting ideas

Nothing beats a contemporary bathroom with light shades! Bathrooms are unique rooms for obvious reasons. Even if you don’t have any renovation plans, you will after viewing some incredibly colorful bathroom colors like blue, white, and purple.

Home Exterior Painting Ideas in Cleveland, OH

exterior house painting clevelandFirst, it is essential to consider the quality of the paint and the exterior painters in Cleveland, OH you choose to use. That ensures your house will get the enhanced curb appeal you desire. So, let’s discover some top home exterior painting ideas for your home.

The right exterior painting formula

First, ensure that the products used on your property in Cleveland, OH are durable enough to endure the elements in your area. The formula and finish of paint affect how long it will last.

  • Acrylic exterior paints frequently work best on materials including vinyl, wood, stucco, and fiber cement.
  • Latex paints are more affordable than acrylic and are best for exterior painting.
  • Oil-based paints are less environmentally friendly but work with a few exterior painting applications, including trim, doors, and floors.
  • Paints with a high gloss finish are the most resilient and easy to clean, but they also accentuate flaws on the surface.
  • You may also choose satin and eggshell finishes for exterior painting surfaces because they offer longevity and concealment.

Keeping track of color trends

Your ability to choose exterior painting colors in Cleveland, OH, may be constrained to preserve neighborhood harmony if you reside in a restrictive municipality or homeowners association (HOA). Otherwise, you can make whatever decisions you want. Increasing curb appeal with trendy, in-demand colors support your home’s value.

Contrasting colors

Contrast is always in fashion, regardless of the specific color schemes that are popular this year. Contrasting interior painting colors give objects individuality and make them stand out, such as doors, trim, windows, and other features. Remember to pair light with darker colors as a rule.

Get professional expertise

Starting professional assistance is always helpful to the exterior painting process in Cleveland, OH. Based on their expertise and understanding, professional house painters may offer a variety of exterior house painting suggestions.

Cabinet Painting Ideas in Cleveland, OH

professional cabinet refinishingHomeowners in Cleveland, OH know that their home’s looks and market value gets altered by painting or refinishing their cabinets.

Neutral tones are ideal

Ask your Cleveland, OH cabinet painter to keep things simple and natural if you’re hesitant about color. Light earth tones, beige, and white work well in most areas. Furthermore, because neutral colors blend with everything, you can go wild with bold accents like backsplashes and home furnishings.

If at all your plan is to sell your house at some point, then neutral cabinet refinishing colors are always a prudent choice. You would present visitors with a clear and airy canvas.

Cabinets in two colors

A popular trend in kitchen remodeling is using two varied colors, often one for the top cabinets and another for the bottom. Homeowners choosing a painting company in Cleveland, OH, for cabinet refinishing have many options for dual-colored kitchen cabinets. Pertaining to this, if having bold colors makes you uncomfortable, ask your cabinet painter to use a neutral tone for your wall cabinets.

Top with wide open shelving 

The new trend is to give the appearance of two tones in your kitchen, use open shelves instead of higher cabinets. Consider having your cabinet painter in Cleveland, OH paint the wall behind the shelves to add some color to display your decor. Choose a neutral color that complements the bottom cabinets.

 Kitchen cabinet color ideas

Light earth tones, beige, and white work well in most kitchens. But it is also essential to consider other colors for your kitchen cabinet refinishing in Cleveland, OH. These may include:

Shades of grey

Gray paint provides your kitchen cabinets with the stylish appearance they deserve. Grayish hues have a calm influence on people, improving your culinary experience.

Go with black matte

Want to buck the trend of painting kitchen cabinets white? Why not select the complete opposite? Your cabinet refinishing will stand out if you paint them matte black.

Warm pink

For your kitchen cabinet refinishing, choose the timeless interior painting color pink. Your kitchen would gain a different kind of feminine beauty.

Earthy green

Another color you may use to give your kitchen cabinet a more aesthetic feel is green. Furthermore, the color green is related to nature.

Pastel colors

If you are thinking about cabinet refinishing, consider pastel colors to provide calm energy.  The colors peach, baby blue, or lavender are all gorgeous choices for your kitchen cabinets.

Qualities of a Dedicated House Painter in Cleveland, OH

A few attributes to consider when hiring a professional painter in Cleveland, OH are as follows:


Professional house painters should show up on time, avoid taking long lunch breaks and finish up before closing.


painting company will perform a thorough inspection to see what is to get painted. They will capture images or videos, measure, and ask plenty of questions.

Finishes, colors, and the final result

An expert house painter will enquire about your preferred colors, any preferred finishes, etc. They can also offer a strong suggestion for one of their preferred paint brands if you haven’t decided yet.

Detailed estimates

An expert painter will have a detailed breakdown of their expenses and timeline. You may rest easy knowing that they didn’t simply make everything up.

Cleaning after the job

The truth is that painting is messy. With that said, an expert knows how to keep the house spotless after a working day. Furthermore, they should promptly clean up any mess they create on their own time and expense.


Did you like the painting job? Remember you are paying the painter to meet your needs. But it does not imply that you may ask them to work longer or for free merely because you switched your choices. Moreover, it does suggest that they should correct any mistakes they make, even if it’s touch-ups or redoing something.

white kitchen cabinets clevelandChecklist for Hiring a Cleveland, OH Painting Company

  • The painting company should have an appropriate insurance like Comprehensive Business Liability (CBL) Insurance and Workman’s Compensation Insurance.
  • The painting company should preferably be a Better Business Bureau member.
  • The painting company should be able to offer references and samples.
  • Background checks on the working crew should turn out to be successful.
  • The painter should use materials of the finest quality.
  • There should be a supervisor available on the site at all times.
  • The painting team should be skilled and certified.
  • The painting crew should have undergone safety training.
  • The painting company should provide a fair warranty.

Signs that You have Chosen a Good Painting Company in Cleveland, OH

Before you finalize a company for your home painting, you should be aware that not all painting companies are made equal. Here are the signs of a top-rated painting company in Cleveland.

Essential prep 

Every good painting company understands that a durable paint job depends on thorough surface preparation. For instance, while painting an existing structure, the exterior painters examine the outside walls and trim for mold, cracking, peeling, and other problems.

It’s crucial to prime bare spots like exposed wood. And when cracks get discovered, a cement-based stucco patch is considerably superior to caulk as a sealant. The painting company crew needs to work with and weatherproof the foundation.

Before painting the rest of your home in Cleveland, OH, crew workers can power wash, remove rocks, and seal the foundation with a waterproofing agent.

Mindful masking

Good painting companies in Cleveland, OH correctly cover and seal off windows, doors, furniture, cars, appliances, and other items like cars and appliances. They will also carefully cover concrete and pavers using drop cloths.

Product verification

Ensure that the coating used on the job site matches the exact type of paint specified in the estimate. Even the best brands provide cheap product-grade lines that don’t last very long. Ensure that you receive a level of quality by consulting with the estimator.

No dilution

Professional painting companies usually prefer a single product line if it offers longevity and high-level performance. In relation to this, they keep the water out while painting. A professional will never dilute a gallon of paint with water, although they may rinse out a paint sprayer with water.

Double checking

Before final sign-off and payment, every dedicated painting company will gladly request a walkthrough with the client. The best painting companies in Cleveland, OH will thoroughly inspect their team’s work before the owner walks the job.

Hire Trusted House Painters for Your Home in Cleveland, Ohio

In the long run, hiring professional house painters will save you a significant amount of time and money. The crucial aspect is to make sure that you thoroughly evaluate your options and then choose the right house painting company in Cleveland, OH.

With our 15+ years of experience, Textbook Painting in Cleveland, OH can accomplish your wish list of painting your house, providing a gorgeous and durable space that you and your family will love. Most of our exterior painting projects come with a four-year stress-free guarantee.

Textbook Painting in Cleveland, OH offers an industry-leading Lifetime Touch-up Promise on all cabinet painting and most of our interior painting projects. You can book a free color consultation with our expert interior designer. You may also call us at 216-503-4480 or use our text message feature at the bottom right of this page to schedule a convenient appointment.


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