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One of the most important considerations to painting the outside of a home in Shaker Heights is the age of the home. Almost every house in the area was built before 1978 so there is a possibility for lead-based paint to be present. There are also specific primers and prep work methods that will ensure the new paint job lasts as long as possible and gives the best finish as possible.

Lead-based paint is concerning for one because of the obvious health / safety concerns. If you want the work done correctly you need to hire a painting company that is certified with the EPA to work on older homes with lead-based paint. Part of the rules set out by the EPA include not allowing a company to power wash without capturing all of the water (practically impossible to do) and not allowing sanding. Sanding lead-based paint breaks the particles down making them more dangerous.

Because we can not sand, we recommend a specific primer from XIM called Peel-Bond. This is a high-build primer that helps to smooth out rough surfaces and helps to eliminate the ‘ridge lines’ that occur after scraping.

Homeowners looking for a Shaker Heights exterior house painter should be aware that it requires a good sized investment to keep your home looking beautiful. Most projects are in the $5,000 – $10,000 range but it is definitely not uncommon to pay more than $10,000 if you live in a larger home or one that has a lot of detail work (such as painting old, wood windows).

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