How to Refinish a Front Door (3 Steps)

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Refinish doorYour home’s front door can really change the character of your whole house. Stained front doors can make for a beautiful entry way for a home, but without proper upkeep, they can fade, wear away, and lose their shine. Let us show you how to bring some life back to your front door!

Step 1. Sand the Door

     Wood sanding Front doors typically have a  polyurethane clear coat over top of  the existing stain to protect from      weathering. In order to re-stain the  front door, this polyurethane  coating needs to be completely  removed so that the new stain can reach and soak into the wood. This can be done using a power sander along with some hand sanding for intricate areas on the door.

Step 2. Stain the Door (2 coats)

Next up, it’s time to stain the door. Textbook Painting’s favorite product to use for this is from Sherwin William’s, and is a Minwax Wood Stain. Use a rag to apply the stain evenly over your door, then allow time to dry. Temperature and weather can vary dry time, but usually one to two hours is plenty.

stainOnce dry, use some medium-grit sand paper to gently sand over the door again, to rough up the surface slightly, and to also sand any spots where the stain might be too heavy/dark compared to the rest of the door. Apply the second coat using, again, a rag, and make sure the stain has a smooth, even appearance.

Step 3. Apply Polyurethane Clear Coat (2x)

     Lastly, a polyurethane coating needs to be reapplied to the door. This coating provides protection for the door as it prevents weather or sun exposure from damaging the stain. Simply apply Minwax Polyurethane, using a satin or gloss finish, evenly to the entire door using a brush, then wait for it to dry.poly.jpg

Once dry, use very fine-grit sand paper to gently roughen up the surface of the first coat of polyurethane so that the second coat has some slightly-rough texture to help it adhere. Then, apply the second coat of polyurethane, and once dry, you have a beautiful, newly-transformed doorway!

     Tip: It is important to reapply a polyurethane coat yearly to ensure the integrity of the stain of your door and prevent weathering!

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