Efficiency of the Stain Applicator Pads

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When you think of the procedure to stain your deck, you think of either spraying or rolling it on then back brushing the entire deck to ensure a full coverage and smooth finish. How would you like to do that but with only a smoother finish and better coverage….in half of the time?

While using the Woodmates: stain applicator pad and Woodmates: Mr Longarm extension pole you can do just that (there are other brands, this is just my favorite setup). The microfibers of the pad are sure to get even the smallest cracks in the wood to provide the best one coat coverage quality possible. Also, with the Flextech material the pad is composed of, it makes it nearly impossible to tear when it comes to rough or splintering wood.

This pad also leaves a VERY smooth finish as opposed to the brush strokes that are visible while back brushing. The pad also prevents pooling and dripping as it holds and releases the stain while providing a smooth straight edge due to its rectangular figure; which also allows you apply the stain in the cracks of unbutted boards.

When using the stain applicator pad connected to the end of an extension pole, it can be swiftly pushed in one motion across the entire area being stained; usually 1-2 boards. This cuts the time of back brushing in half at the very least and also prevents lap markings.

The overall efficiency of the applicator pad is evident, it simply saves time and quality.

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