5 Tips for Choosing the Exterior Color of Your Home

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Picking new colors can be one of the most exciting parts of getting your exterior house painted this summer! While exciting, changing house colors can also be a stressful process as most homeowners strive to pick the perfect combination of colors to transform their home for years to come. Here are some tips that can help make the decision less burdensome and more enjoyable!

1. Consider the size of your home, as well as your yard

Light colors on a home can make it seem larger, though it also can shrink the size of the yard. If a home is far away from the road, light colors can also help make it appear closer. Inversely, darker colors make a home seem smaller and cozier, thus also increasing the appearance of the size of one’s yard.

2. Consider elements of the property that aren’t being painted

Driveways, patios, walkways, brick siding, and decks are all things that likely might not change or will be worked on when getting the exterior painted. It is important to choose colors that can complement these elements of the home, so that the appearance is harmonious and uniform.

3. Test color combinations online using Sherwin William’s ColorSnap Visualizer

The ColorSnap Visualizer from Sherwin Williams allows you to play with thousands of color combinations on homes to help better visualize how those combinations will accent each other on your own home.

4. Utilize sample colors
Sherwin Williams offers small pints of paint that can be tinted to any color, called Color to Go. Any of our professional painters can pick up a few different pints of colors to try on a discrete spot on the back of a home! This can be a great resource to help visualize what a color will look like once it is actually on the home.

5. Schedule a Color Consultation

When you book your house painting project with Textbook Painting, we provide a complimentary color consultation with our Interior Designer. Contact us today to get your FREE exterior house painting quotes!

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