How To Double The Life Of Your Driveway

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When most driveways are first poured, they are covered with a cheap, short-life sealant. These sealants wear off after 10-12 months and the driveway is left exposed. This means the driveway is susceptible to stains. Also, as moisture enters the driveway, cracks will form as water expands. Sealant also provides a shiny look that most homeowners like. Some sealants, like the ones sold at Sherwin Williams, can be tinted with color. Designs can also be made to provide a unique, or desired effect. Just like sealants on your deck ensure its durability and longevity, a sealant on your driveway will preserve it for years to come.


When sealing a driveway you have to clean it and wait for it to be dry before applying the product. To clean it, use a power washer that has at least 3000 psi of power and go over the whole driveway slowly. If there are any grease or rust spots that don’t come out with the power washing, use a degreaser and a stiff bristled brush. Let the degreaser set for a few minutes and then rinse well. Let the surface dry for at least 24 hours before applying any sealant (more time made be needed depending on the weather conditions). After it dries use a 1-1/4” long nap roller to apply the sealant. It is important to use the right amount of pressure when rolling on the sealant because if it’s applied too thin it won’t last very long and if it’s applied too thick you’ll end up using more sealant than necessary and consequently pay more than you need to. Just remember that a 5-gallon bucket should cover 500 sq ft of driveway. After the sealant is applied you should wait at least 4 hours before the driveway is exposed to any foot traffic and at least 24 hours before any vehicle traffic. If the driveway sealant is used properly, it will protect your driveway and leave it with a shiny new finish.

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