Interior Painting: Color Change Makes for Great Improvement

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It is amazing how much an interior paint job can change the comfort and feel of a home. In Nashville Tennessee, there are new sub divisions being built around every corner. All of these new homes look great on the outside, but are often left with cheap, unappealing contractor paint on the inside. This was the case for Antioch homeowners, Steve and Natae Bugg.



Steve and Natae were in need of a new interior look and we at Textbook Painting were happy to get the opportunity to help them out. Painting interior may sound easy, but it takes the right equipment and dedicated individuals to complete a quality job. This is especially the case when you have high ceilings and expensive cabinetry to paint around. It is not always as easy to just pick up a brush and start painting it yourself.

The kitchen, dining room, entryway, hallways, and living room of the Bugg’s house all got coated with three new colors to give the home a completely new look and feel. The kitchen and dining room were painted with the Sherwin Williams color Mannered Gold. It accented the cabinetry well and really made the white trim around the dining room stand out.

The entryway and hallways continuing upstairs were finished with Wheat Grass. Wheat Grass was the perfect transition from the dark color in the kitchen to the bold color of Smokey Topaz in the living room.


As the living room’s tall walls were being finished and the final touch ups were being made, there were smiles all around as the interior paint job had brought a new attitude to the house. Each color fit perfectly in its location and all three colors complimented each other. Sherwin Williams does a good job of matching different colors together to create a color scheme that matches. The combination of Mannered Red in the dining room and kitchen, Wheat Grass in the hallways, and Smokey Topaz in the living room all came together perfectly to create a great final product.


Interior painting does not just change the color of the walls. It gives the house a whole new feel, especially when you are looking at a contractor series interior paint every day. If you are interested in changing the make up of your home and would like an estimate, please contact us at (615) 543-5551. We would love the opportunity to earn your business.

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