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Painting a home that has been previously painted with lead paint can be a very risky task. With the dangers of lead, it is best to hire an EPA lead certified painting contractor to do the job. In Brunswick, OH, a crew of certified painters from Textbook Painting carefully followed all EPA lead precautions to remove the paint and repaint what was once a lead covered home.

When repainting a lead house, the existing paint must be completely scraped off before applying the new paint. With this house specifically, the lead paint was removed until the bare wood was exposed. After all of the original paint was removed from the home, the painting contractors were able to apply new paint to the home. The product used in the painting process was one of Sherwin Williams top products, Duration Paint. With Duration being a thick high quality paint that contains a built in primer, only one coat of it was required to fully cover the house and leave it looking great.

If you have a lead painted home that needs to be painted, avoid the dangers of lead exposure and hire Textbook Painting to safely complete the job for you. Click here to set up a free estimate today!

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