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I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Joe Work, the owner of Seasonal Yard Work, based in Avon, OH. I first learned about Seasonal Yard Work a few years ago when I was looking for a company to provide Fall aeration and lawn mowing at my home and I became a customer.


I had the chance to speak with Joe about Fall landscaping tips and the most popular services they provide this time of year.

First a little background on Seasonal Yard Work from their website. Joe founded the company in 2004 mostly by cutting grass and doing small landscaping projects. Today, Seasonal is a full-service landscaping company specializing in new patios and residential landscaping. They recently started a sister company that specializes in concrete leveling called Mr. Level.

These are the questions I asked along with Joe’s answers.

What are some of the popular services you are providing in the fall?

We are busy finishing up new patio projects and installing some landscaping. Concrete leveling is pretty busy right now but we still have room in our calendar for 2017. We are preparing for our Fall Clean Up season as the leaves start to fall.

What exactly does a Fall Clean Up entail?

Every 10 days the crew removes all leaves. We bag the leaves with the mower and leave them on the tree lawn for the city to remove. For an additional fee we can come back and clean them up with the large vaccuum. We do offer a Fall Clean Up Plus that includes leaf clean up and trimming bushes. We also remove perennial foliage.

It typically costs around $250 – $350 for the entire fall season. It is done on an hourly basis at $49 per man hour. Fall Clean-Up starts on November 1st.

seasonal-patioWhat other services are busy as we get closer to winter?

We are fairly busy trimming shrubs and of course we have a lot of mowing clients. The final mow before the winter we will cut the grass a little lower to avoid winter mold. We do continue to mow until late November, basically until it snows. 

I have always heard Fall is a good time to plant grass. Is that true and if so, why?

Yes it is a great time! The yard has time to establish when weeds weeds aren’t growing as much and you don’t have to water as much because of the overnight dew. We also still have warm sunny days to promote growth. You can expect to spend around $3000 – $4000 for a full new lawn with Seasonal Yard Work. Fall is also a good time to do over-seeding which helps the grass grow in thicker. Not only does it look better but a thicker lawn helps prevent weeds next year.

What about aeration?

We used to do aeration but we recently sold that division of the company so we no longer provide that service. Aeration and over-seeding often go together. Most yards need to be aerated once or twice per year. When considering aeration you have to decide if you want one pass, two pass, or three pass aeration. Basically, the more holes in the yard the better. Aeration should be done before overseeding as seeds will not penetrate soil but seeds can fall in to the holes. The more clay your soil is the more you need to aerate. Most companies charge around $60-$85 per pass. Multiple passes should bring some savings.

Seasonal Patio and Bushes.jpgAnything I forgot to ask?

Not really. We do have good prices in the Fall compared to the spring and summer as we are not quite as busy. Fall is a great time for exterior landscaping like having a patio installed or getting existing concrete leveled. Seasonal Yard Work’s sister company Mr. Level offers concrete leveling services and Fall is definitely the time to get the best deals!

You can learn more about Seasonal Yard Work on their website or by calling 440-934-WORK.


Note: All photos are courteous of Seasonal Yard Work from their gallery on their website.

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