3 Things Your Exterior Painter Must Do Before Painting

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3 Things Your Painter Must Provide to Make Sure Your Paint Job Lasts

1. Power washing or some type of cleaning service before they start doing any painting on your home. If a contractor does not wash the surface they are painting the dirt and grime on the surface will force any paint applied to pop or peel off the siding much more quickly then it would from a clean surface.

2. Prep work or scraping the loose paint off of whatever is being painted. Peeling paint will continue to peel even if a fresh coat of paint is applied to the surface of what you are painting. Your contractor must scrape off and then sand wherever paint is peeling otherwise this loose paint will force your new coat of paint off very quickly thus destorying your brand new paint job.

3. Apply the paint onto a dry surface. Your painter must never paint over a wet surface. If it has rained within the last few hours or so, your contractor should never paint on that surface until it is completly dry. If a contractor paints on the wet surface whenever the winter season comes through it will freeze the trapped moisture and then force off the newly applied paint.

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