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We were recently featured in an article on Redfin’s website titled How to Give Your Home a Makeover Using Only Paint. Many great painting contractors were featured in the article but we were honored that Redfin reached out for us to share our expertise. Painting is a great way to provide a quick, dramatic impact to your home with relatively low cost.

The article features tips for interior painting, exterior painting and cabinet painting. One of the common tips was all about the importance of prep work. Paint is only as good as the surface it is applied to so preparing the surface correctly is imperative.

One of the most dramatic ways to improve your home with paint is by having the cabinets professional painted. While this can be a DIY project, it is a pretty difficult one and the risk and likely hood of the project not going well is pretty high. Plus your kitchen is the heart of your home so getting your cabinets painted the correct way is only going to positively impact the value of your home and your enjoyment.

Our favorite DIY-friendly painting project to add a quick win in your home is to paint the inside of your front door a bright color. Go bold! This is a relatively small area and it should only take about two hours to paint. So if you end up not liking the color in a year or two you can always just repaint it on a rainy Saturday afternoon!

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