How to Prep a New Pressure Treated Deck

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Prepping a newly installed pressure treated deck to be stained or sealed is not that difficult. It is however essential to help allow the stain penetrate the surface better and to get all the chemicals off of the top layer of the wood. You typically want to give any new pressure treated wood a couple months to weather a bit before you come in and clean it and apply a stain. Once it has weathered the following steps need to be taken at least 3 days before coming in and applying the stain:


Tools Needed:

-Sherwin Williams Deck Cleaner (1 gallon covers approx. 250 square feet)

-Pump Sprayer or bucket

-Scrub brushes

-Garden hose and water

Step 1: Start in the back corner of deck and start spreading cleaner, undilluted, across railings and floor with sprayer or brushes.

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