Student Entrepreneurs Organize Exterior Paint At Habitat For Humanity

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On Monday, May 21, fifteen college students from across Indiana gathered in Indianapolis to donate their time and services to paint and renovate the Habitat for Humanity headquarters. These students all had two things in common: a desire to volunteer their time to a good cause and an involvement with Textbook Painting. Textbook Painting offers college students the opportunity to surpass the usual summer internship by allowing them to take charge and run their own painting business.

Seven of the volunteers are Student Managers for Textbook Painting and have chosen to take on the task of running their own business. These individuals were responsible for organizing this charity event at Habitat for Humanity. Before beginning their own painting jobs this summer, they, along with their painting crews, felt it was necessary to give back to the community first.

“It feels great to be part of Textbook Painting, a company that’s giving back. We’re giving back to those who give back. This opportunity really means a lot to us. You don’t just go to work every day. The difference is you go to work and you know you’re making a difference. You actually feel like you’re influencing people’s lives,” says Brandon Wessley, a Student Manager at Textbook Painting.

Habitat for Humanity workers credited the Student Managers and their painters for their willingness to volunteer their time to improve the organization’s headquarters, rather than on the job sites of Habitat for Humanity.

“Most of our volunteers are volunteering out on the job site. It takes a great crew to come out and help us out at our office. It’s not nearly as ‘sexy,’ if you will, to volunteer at our office, but it’s still just as important. Our office is our central building, we do a lot of business out of here, and we want to look good in our own neighborhood,” says Ted Mosey, Development and Faith Engagement Coordinator for Habitat for Humanity.

After about seven hours, the fifteen volunteers were able to complete the painting job, and the Habitat for Humanity office looked brand new. The event turned out to be a great success, and all of the volunteers left the site feeling content about the contribution that had made to such a wonderful organization.

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