What To Look For On Your Exterior Painting Estimate

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What does the price you have in front of you really mean? What is included? Why is one so much higher/lower than another? These are all questions that if not understood could cause you to chose the wrong company for your project. Here are a few things to look for when comparing estimates other than the bottom price.

Are They Insured?

This is a question most homeowners tend to ask up front and for good reason. If you have a paint crew out working on your house and there is an accident it could fall back in your hands if they are not insured. Textbook Painting is fully insured with one million dollar liability insurance and full workers compensation coverage. Make sure to check your estimate to make sure that the company you are looking at is insured.

What Products Do They Use?

Paint is very expensive, especially if you use premium paint. Paint is also one of the most important factors to a quality paint job along with prep work. The difference between paints could be the difference between years that the job will last. We only use Sherwin Williams products because they are top quality, along with that we only use top quality Sherwin Williams paints. Some painting companies will use lower grade paints in order to get a cheaper overall price or a cheaper cost to them with the same price. Make sure you pay attention to the products that will be put on your house.

Spray or Roll?

This is a big one and I have written an entire article on this topic alone. Spraying is a quicker way of completing the job, therefor it should be cheaper. Make sure that you know the method the paint is being applied when comparing prices. If both prices are the same and one is a spray job and one is a roll job then the roll job is much cheaper for the quality you will get out of the job.


All these aside you should really look at the contractor that gives you the estimate, customer service goes a long way. I believe that above everything else this is one of our biggest assets to our company, we try to deliver the highest quality jobs while keeping our customers happy because referrals keep us in business.

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