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I often get asked how long should my customers expect their paint job to last. I tell them that it depends on the several different aspects but the biggest is the type of paint used. We use Sherwin Williams products and only the top shelf products from Sherwin Williams.


Duration is the best product available for exterior house paint, period. We use it on 90% of the houses we paint. It is fairly expensive but is definitely worth the price as it is essentially like apply two coats of paint. It goes on at 7 mils thick which is almost twice as standard house paint which is only 4 mils.

Duration is also self-priming so it is essentially like repriming and repainting all over again. We normally expect Duration to last between 10-12 quality years as it is 50% more durable that regular house paint. Quality years are years in which the paint isn’t failing at all.

The added price of going with Duration is about an extra $15-$20 a gallon but it adds 2-4 years of extra life to a paint job so the added price is worth the extra quality which is why about 90% of our customers go with Duration.


Resilence is a type of Sherwin Williams paint that we occasionally use although not that often. Resilence becomes moisture resistent in about half the time of other paints. Resilence is also convient when painting later in the season as it can be applied in temperatures as low as 35 degrees.


Superpaint is the type of paint right under Duration as far as quality goes. Although Superpaint might not be as good of quality as Duration it is still considered a premium quality house paint. It can be used on wood and aluminium siding, as well as masonary and metal. As well as the other two it provides excellent protection against molding, mildew, fading, and blistering. It goes on slightly thinner but is still expected to last a good 7 to 9 quality years.


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